Josh Station was born out of a personal need to provide best care and best affordable education for kids with special needs in Indonesia. Josh born as the youngest to a family of six rebellious brothers in Indonesia. At the time of his birth, the medical profession in Indonesia failed the family and on the day of delivery, coincidental the Indonesian national day, 17 August, the doctor in the delivery suite unexpectedly told the family the baby boy is suspected to having Down syndrome (DS).

The shock was considerable, upsetting, and disturbing. The family enjoys good medical attention and the personal doctor who delivered all the kids of the family, equally in shock, of not having recognized the condition, would have advised to terminate the pregnancy.

The choices are stark. A decision was made. The boy, named Joshua Taylor, will be not given special treatment. He will be raised in the same manner than his brothers. This is how the story of Josh begun.

 Why Josh’s Station?

In the early years of the childhood that followed, Joshua grow into a cute, funny, and adorable little boy. His family are in love with the boy who loves to go to pre-school, enjoys social company (shopping malls and people), and to the horror of his family, Hi-5 like any other toddler his age. The consensus among the brothers is: He is the most spoiled one.

In the course of finding, the right medical and pre-school treatment Josh’s Station became a journey for all. The parents, teachers, his peers, his brothers, and society. Unfortunately, proper educational care and medical attention in Indonesia is lacking and simply unaffordable to many of us. Costs are excessively expensive to the level of abusive of parents in need. Unfortunately, Autism, Down syndrome is still viewed with a distance rather than engagement to find solution.

Out of this situation Josh’s Station was born. To address the need of Josh and with the parents entrepreneurial figuring that they can do it better what is available. Again, a decision was made.

The decision to build a home where good education, love, fun, and proper medical attention is affordable to families in need. We are in 2018, in the year of the dog at the beginning of this journey. We are building a home for families and kids with special needs such as speech impairment, early development for pre-school, first graders with development delays, medical support of practitioners recommended by parents for kids with a track-record in a setting that provides fun and security to be special kids to us all.

We believe we cannot fail in the commitment to do better, to mean good.


We are located at: [address to be announced shortly J. Please be patient. For enquiries contact us at: +62-817 022 2001

Josh’s Station is a privately funded.