Is your child spending too much time staring at screens?

 More than seven hours a day!

That, on average, is how much time a U-S teen spends on screen media for entertainment.

According to a new study by the nonprofit organization Common Sense Media, researchers say that screen time has inched up by 42 minutes a day since 2015.

But the study finds young people may not have been staring at a screen that whole time.

They could be watching a video while multi-tasking. The study says tweens spend nearly five hours looking at screens.

Most of the time in both age groups is spent looking at TV or videos, the research shows.

For tweens, YouTube dominates the online video space.

Youth also spend a majority of time using devices to play games.

Risks include the potential for youth to be exposed to harmful messages online and for them to become socially-isolated, spending time on devices instead of with peers.

Data from a nationwide survey of more than 1600 youth between the ages of 8 to 18 was analyzed.

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